About EducatorsResources.com

About EducatorsResources.com

Educatorsresources.com is an online resource directory that helps teachers, principals, school administrators, PTAS/PTOs learn about products and services.

We realize that many Schools, Teachers and Parent Associations have fewer resources. In attempting to address this problem, we offer the following sections to provide you with resources and information to help you make the 2012-2013 school year a successful one:

  • Sources for free curriculum material and a list of monthly themed observances to help spice up the curriculum.
  • Grants and Awards. Provides an overview, resources and a listing of grants and awards.
  • Service-Learning/Community Service Projects for Classroom Learning.
  • School assembly and outreach programs. Provides tips and a variety of programs that travel to schools to enrich, educate, and entertain.
  • A marketplace of Instructional materials and supplies, equipment and services for classrooms and schools.
  • Professional development. Grad school programs, workshops and fellowships, and associations for both teachers and school administrators.
  • Fundraising. Provides tips and a directory of fundraising companies and products for PTAs/PTOs.

Using EducatorsResources.com

Browse any of the easy to use navigation on our homepage, or enter a keyword for a specific search.

If you have any suggestions for other resources you would like us to add, please email us at info@familypublications.com.

Have an enriching year!

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